Town Of Mayfield

November 26, 2008: minutes



NOVEMBER 26, 2008




PRESENT Acting as Chairman James Cownie, Richard Bumpus, and Myrna Hallenbeck


ABSENT: Chairman Richard Dixon, Jerry Moore


ALSO PRESENT: CEO Michael Stewart, Zoning Board of Appeals Clerk, Cheryl Gifford



Mr. Cownie opened the meeting at 1:00PM


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Mr. Bumpus and 2nd by Mr. Cownie the October 22, 2008 meeting minutes were approved as written by the clerk with the following corrections: in the first paragraph  after the motion to open the public hearing correcting a the sentence to say: This Variance  application was classified as a Use verses Area by the Town Attorney and the Department of State, and per the Zoning Law 301-5A-1, age of a type II dwelling is what is in review.  At the end of that paragraph to state: expressed that future applications like this would have to be handled on a case-by-case basis.  The next paragraph to state:  The Chairman read the four questions from the Use Variance & Findings Decision form and the Zoning Board of Appeals discussed each.  The next paragraph to state after the 8:15PM delete and the following motion made.  All in favor (3) Cownie, Bumpus, and  Hallenbeck.





Terry and Heidi Ambrosino- Front setback area variance

SBL # 103.-5-33

Location:  141 County Hwy 146, Gloversville

Zone: R-1


A short discussion was held on the application for a covered porch.  The 239 Form was sent to the Fulton County Planning Board 11/14/2008.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Myrna Hallenbeck and 2nd by Mr. Bumpus a Public Hearing is set for Wednesday December 10, 2008 at 7:10PM.  All in favor (3) Cownie, Bumpus, and Hallenbeck.






Mr. Cownies term is up this year.  Newspaper advertisement was placed in the Leader Herald as this is the procedure even if the current Board member wants to continue.


Zoning training session for 2009 is scheduled for January.  Jerry Moore, Richard Bumpus, and Myrna Hallenbeck have pre-registered.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Mr. Bumpus and 2nd by Myrna Hallenbeck the meeting was adjourned at 1:30PM.  All in favor (3) Cownie, Bumpus and Hallenbeck.


Notes respectfully taken by the Clerk, Cheryl Gifford