Town Of Mayfield

February 20, 2008: minutes




FEBRUAR 20, 2008



PRESENT:Vice Chairman John Vadney, Nancy Deitch,  Marilyn Salvione, and Barney Brower/

ABSENT:  Chairman Walt Ryan


The Vice Chairman, John Vadney opened the meeting at 6:30PM


MOTION:   A motion made by Barney Brower, and 2nd by Nancy Deitch the minutes from the February 6, 2008 Workshop meeting was approved as written by the Clerk .  All in favor.  (4)  Vadney, Brower, Salvione, and Deitch.               


There was no new business before the Board at this meeting,  John Vadney  reviewed the previous workshops.


The result from the check list data on Home Occupation was discussed. Three Board members (Deitch, Vadney, And Salvione) would like to see the Home Occupation to state: The Planning Board will consider each application on an individual basis and evaluate how the proposed use will conform to the Zoning Land and the Comprehensive Plan. The Board also examined the first three items that can not be left or performed outdoors as to being too restrictive.  Board member, Barney Brower felt that the Home Occ. Requirements are correctly written by the Chairman , and would make no changes.  No Action taken.


The Board reviewed the Law on Signs; Section 504-B and C.  After a discussion on

Section 404 C; 1c, it was the consensus of the Board to take out (C;1c).  No action was taken.  Vice  Chairman Vadney asked each member to review Section 504 of the Zoning Law and be prepared to make recommendations as to size for each zone, at the next Planning Board meeting.


A discussion was held on Right-Of-Way.  The Board shared the concerns of the Code Enforcement Officer, and support the modification of the Town's Building Code to allow issuance of Building Permits for properties having deeded right-of-way.    Further discussion to be held on the issuance of a Building Permit with "Deeded Right-Of-Way".  No action taken.


Further discussions were held on the expansion of Commercial Zoning.  Areas of concern are RT. 30 in Vail Mills, RT. 30 and 349, and Riceville Rd.


The next Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday March 12, 2008 at 6:30PM.


MOTION made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Nancy Deitch the meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.  All in favor (4). Vadney, Brower, Salvione, and Deitch.


Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Gifford

Planning Board Clerk







Respectively submitted

Cheryl Gifford

Planning Board Clerk