Town Of Mayfield

November 27, 2007: minutes


                                                TOWN OF MAYFIELD

                                           ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS




 A special meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York held on Tuesday November 27, 2007 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 North School Street, NY 12117


PRESENT:       Richard Bumpus, Board Member

                        Myrna Hallenbeck, Board Member

                        James Cownie, Board Member

                        Richard Dixon, Vice Chairman




OTHERS PRESENT: Michael Stewart : CEO,  Cheryl  Gifford: Zoning Clerk


Vice Chairman Richard Dixon opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.



Motion by Myrna Hallenbeck and 2nd by Richard Bumpus to Approve the September 26, 2007 minutes as written by the Clerk with the following correction: The Area Variance Findings and Decisions from the ZBA after taking into consideration the above five factors Approve the Variance for Mr. Robert Percent ; SBL# 104.20-1-19. 4 Yes (Muddle, Hallenbeck, Cownie, Dixon). 1 Absent (Bumpus).


Chairman Correspondence

Mr. Dixon reminded the Board Members about the Zoning Training Session being offered at FMCC on Wednesday November 28, 2007.  Mr. Dixon also noted that upon receiving papers at the seminar you can turn them into the Town Board for credits.





Crystal Daniels SBL:104-1-15  Area Variance

After attending a Public Hearing with The Town of Mayfield Planning Board it was determined by the Planning Board that if Crystal Daniels wanted to put her Pole Barn in line with the house she would have to get approval from the ZBA  for the setback  in accordance with the Zoning Law Section 401-D which requires that in an C1 the setback must be 75 feet from the road.  At the November 21, 2007 regular Planning Board meeting the Planning Board Approved the Site Plan request from Crystal Daniels contingent upon an Approval For an Area Variance from the Zoning Board. Mr. Dixon stated that the setback is less than  75 feet  from the road therefore she is looking for a 30 feet variance.  Myrna Hallenbeck noted that the property was messy, and was Crystal going to be cleaning up the yard.  Crystal Daniels noted that she hasn't owned the property long and was going to take care of the yard.  Mr Dixon noted that the regular meeting scheduled for December was not until the 26th, and suggested to help Crystal  get along with the project that the Board could meet sooner, with allowing proper notification of the Public Hearing.


Motion made by Mr. Cownie, and 2nd by Myrna Hallenbeck a Public Hearing is set for December 10th, 2007 at  7:10PM.  All in favor (4); Hallenbeck,Cownie, Bumpus, Dixon).


Mr. Dixon discussed the October 22, 2007 Special meeting between the Planning Board, Town Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.   Mr. Dixon expressed he feels the Commercial Zoning  is too restrictive.  The Zoning Board of Appeals would like the Town Board to explore increasing Commercial Zoning on RT 30.  The Board noted that RT 29 is a very heavy traffic area and a round about is being planned.  Myrna discussed the Comprehensive Plan.


Motion made by Myrna Hallenbeck and 2nd by Richard Bumpus the meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM

Notes respectfully taken by the Clerk: Cheryl Gifford