Town Of Mayfield

February 22, 2006: Minutes




February 22, 2006




At the regular meeting of The Board of Appeals, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York held at the Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 North School Street at 7:00 p.m., there were


PRESENT:            Wesley Muddle, Chairman

                        Richard Bumpus Jr, Board Member

                        Myrna Hallenbeck, Board Member

                        James Cownie Member


ABSENT:            Richard Dixon Member


OTHERS PRESENT: Mike Stewart CEO, Robert Ferenz Kathy Canary, Clerk.


Chairman Muddle opened the meeting at 7:03 p.m.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES-on a motion by James Cownie and seconded by Myrna Hallenbeck the minutes of January 25, 2006 were approved as submitted.

CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Muddle, Bumpus Jr, Hallenbeck, Cownie)

0(zero) NAYS.


PUBLIC-None at this time



An application was submitted by Juanita Belcher on February 21, 2006 for property located at 127 Dennie Road,(incorrect) 127.Delaney Road,(correct) Tax Parcel Number 73-1-35.  She is proposing to construct a house.  This proposal does not comply with Section 301-13-C-1 of Local Law #2 of the year 2005 as it applies to a no residential building be constructed on commercially zoned property.  The board discussed the application for Interpretation a motion to schedule a Public Hearing for Juanita Belcher on March 22, 2006 at 7:10 pm was made by James Cownie and seconded by Richard Bumpus Jr.  CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Muddle, Bumpus Jr, Hallenbeck, Cownie) 0(zero) NAYS





Wesley Muddle made a motion to open the Public Hearing as advertised and scheduled for this evening at 7:10 pm.


Following a review of the variance application that was submitted for Robert Ferenz, a legal notice was printed on February 16, 2006 in the Leader Herald and the Recorder.  A letter was sent to the applicant, and a copy of said notice was given to the clerk to be included in the record.  The Board held a discussion on the referred application.  The Board conferred with Mike Stewart in reference to Tax Map Number 120-7-1-5 and the placement of the garage.



February 22, 2006


James Cownie made a motion to close the Public Hearing and Myrna Hallenbeck seconded.  CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Muddle,Hallenbeck,Cownie,Bumpus Jr.) 0(zero) NAYS.


Ferenz Application Decision- The board completed the Area Variance Findings and Decision form on file with the clerk at this time.  Each question was addressed.  The board conducted a vote on the variance with a decision of 4(four) AYES (Muddle, Hallenbeck, Cownie, Bumpus Jr.0(zero) NAYS to grant the variance as requested with a setback of 71/2 feet.



The board discussed election of a Vice Chairman for 2006.  Wesley Muddle opened for nominations.  Richard Bumpus Jr. made a motion to elect Richard Dixon as Vice Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals for 2006.  Myrna Hallenbeck seconded. 

Discussion of a filing fee was addressed.  The board will recommend to the Town Board a filing fee of thirty five dollars be imposed for all applications presented before the Zoning Board of Appeals.


The board discussed the Zoning Law Subsection 301-13: C-1 for the purpose of making a suggestion to the Town Board for a change to Zoning Law Subsection 301-13: C-1.  The decision of the board was to research this further.


Myrna Hallenbeck made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 pm and James Cownie seconded.




Respectfully Submitted,




Kathy Canary, Clerk