Town Of Mayfield

July 26, 2006: minutes


At the regular meeting of The Board of Appeals, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York held on Wednesday July 26, 2006 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 North School St at 7:00 p.m., there were

PRESENT:       Wesley Muddle, Chairman

                        Myrna Hallenbeck, Board Member

                        Richard Bumpus Jr. Board Member

                        James Cownie, Board Member

                        Richard Dixon, Board Member

OTHERS PRESENT:  Robert & JoAnn Pawlowski, Mike Stewart CEO, Kathy Canary clerk.

Chairman Muddle opened the meeting at 7:00 pm

APPROVAL OF MINUTES-on a motion by Myrna Hallenbeck and seconded by Richard Dixon the minutes of  June 28, 2006 were approved as submitted. ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five) AYES 0(zero)NAYS.

PUBLIC: none at this time



An application was submitted by Joseph Artikuski on July 21, 2006 for property located at 3279 St Hwy 30 Gloversville NY, Town of Mayfield, Tax Parcel # 136-4-43.  He is proposing to build an addition to the existing commercial structure expanding the showroom to the end of the building.  This proposal does not comply with Section 803 A of the Local Law 2 of 2005 which states a Non Conforming Building shall not be added to or enlarged in any manner greater than 25% of the original square footage, also this Non Conforming Building does not comply with Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 401 D as it pertains to minimum setback.  The board was informed this variance will be presented to the County Planning Board and the Town Planning Board.  Topics of discussion were distance from property lines with the addition to the building and lot size.



Myrna Hallenbeck made a motion to suspend the regular meeting and open the Public Hearing as advertised and scheduled for this evening at 7:10 pm.  A legal notice was printed on July 18, 2006 in the Leader Herald and on July 18, 2006 in the Recorder with a copy of said notice posted on the Town Bulletin Board.  The applicant was informed of said public hearing by letter.  A copy of said notice was given to the clerk to be included in the record.  The Board held a discussion with the Pawlowski’s and Mike Stewart, CEO on the variance of Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 401.2 Percent of Lot coverage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The house plus deck exceeds the percent of lot coverage.  The deck will extend approximately  8 feet to accommodate lounge chairs and table.  The house will be positioned with the neighbor’s houses to produce an esthetic view and be within the acceptable setback. 

Pawlowski Application Decision

The Board completed an Area Variance Finding & Decision Form with the Pawlowski’s.  Each question was addressed and answered, attention was given to the importance of question 4 concerning environmental impact and the issue of distance between water well   and  septic, being noted adequate distance is supplied for this application. The Board conducted a vote on the variance with the decision of 5(five) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

A motion to close the public hearing was made by Richard Dixon and seconded by Myrna Hallenbeck.  A motion made by Wesley Muddle to grant the Variance and seconded by Myrna Hallenbeck ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five) AYES 0(zero) NAYS. 

On motion by James Cownie and seconded by Richard Dixon to schedule a Public Hearing for Joseph Artikuski on August 23, 2006 at 7:10 pm ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five) AYES 0(zero) NAYS. 

Richard Dixon addressed the zoning law 2 of 2005 Section 401 D Percent of Lot Coverage and the recommended change that was presented to the Town Board.  The concern is that should the Town Board accept the change this may produce the need for more properties to obtain variances.  A discussion followed with other various laws and there recommended changes which were presented to the Town Board last month.

Next scheduled meeting is set for August 23, 2006 at 7:00 pm .

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Richard Dixon and seconded by Richard Bumpus ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Canary

Zoning Board of Appeals Clerk