Town Of Mayfield

March 19, 2008: minutes




March 19, 2008



PRESENT: Chairman Walt Ryan,   Marilyn Salvione,  Barney Brower, and John Vadney


ABSENT:  Nancy Deitch


Chairman Walt Ryan opened the meeting at 6:30PM


MOTION:   Motion made by John Vadney, and 2nd by Barney Brower To Approve      the March  12, 2008 minutes with the exception  to deleting the Vice Chairman on the Present list as there is no Vice Chairman.


Chairman Walt Ryan reviewed the Letter that the Planning Board will be presenting to the Town Board with the recommendation for the Zoning Law.  Walt expressed that the recommendations need to be brought before the Town Board  by March 31st of each year.  A copy of the recommendations would also go to the CEO Mike Stewart.


MOTION:  Motion made by John Vadney and 2nd by Barney Brower that the Chairman has the endorsement of the Planning Board to forward their recommendations and the Chairman's letter to the Town Board.  All in favor (4) Ryan, Vadney, Brower, and Salvione.


A discussion was held on a Board Members report of a tutorial of the NYMIR online  required continuing education  requirement for Planning, and Zoning Board members.  The report was accepted by the Chairman, and noted online tutorials will be further discussed at a later date.



Fred Blowers; Subdivision SBL # 119.-13-1

A discussion was held on the current property as is.  Walt expressed his view on changes to the preliminary drawings, and that a Surveyor for Land Planning  would help Mr. Blowers.  Walt expressed that Mr. Blowers read the Zoning Law, and the SubDivision Regulations for further information, and talk to the FAA  regarding  private airplane fields.   No Action taken by the Board at this time.





Chad Sisum; 2 Lot Subdivision SBL # 88-4-15.11

Mr. Sisum  discussed his Site Plan for his property, Also on file is an APA approval letter stating that the project complies with APA criteria.  Chairman Ryan stated the property is zoned AG and reviewed the elements of an Exempt Subdivision.

MOTION:  Upon motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Marilyn Salvione the 2 Lot SubDivision was  Exempt per the SubDivision Regulations Appendix A, Paragraph DD contingent on the applicant providing the Planning Board  with a copy of the deed, and (2) copies of the survey.   All in favor (4) Ryan, Vadney, Brower, and Salvione.




William Murphy; 2 Lot Subdivision SBL # 136-01-18.1

A small discussion was held on the application as no representative was present .  No action was taken by the Board.


Nancy and Greg Deitch; Site Plan Review SBL #103.45-1-28 

A discussion was held on the revised Site Plan presented by Greg Deitch.  Chairman Ryan felt that the parking lot size should be reduced due to the lot size and surrounding residents.

MOTION: Upon motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by John Vadney the revised Site Plan was approved pending the reduction of the parking lot to nine (9) spaces, a corrected drawing, and the approval of the Zoning Board of Appeals for a set back Variance.  All in favor (4) Ryan, Vadney, and Salvione.


MOTION: Upon motion made by Walt Ryan and 2nd by Barney Brower the meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM  All in favor (4) Ryan, Vadney, Brower, and Salvione.




Respectively submitted

Cheryl Gifford

Planning Board Clerk