Town Of Mayfield

January 23, 2008: minutes


Town of Mayfield

Planning Board Meeting

January 23, 2008



A workshop of the Mayfield Planning Board was held at the Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 6:30PM January 23, 2008.



Present: Walt Ryan:Chairman of the Planning Board, Board members; Barney Brower, Nancy Deitch.  John Vadney arrived  at 7PM.


Absent: Marilyn Salvione.


At 6:30PM Chairman Ryan opened the workshop.


MOTION made by Barney Brower and 2nd by  Nancy Deitch to approve the January 16, 2008 minutes as written by the Clerk.  All In Favor (3) (Ryan, Deitch, Brower) .



Chairman Ryan brought up the two agenda items  from the previous meeting;    # 1: % Lot Usage For L1 and L2 Section 401,D. # 2:  Section 402,A2.   At this meeting the Chairman and Board members came to an agreement to make recommendations to the Town Board.

MOTION made by Nancy Deitch and 2nd by Barney Brower  to recommend to the Town of  Mayfield to change the Zoning Law of 2005 Section 401,D : Maximum percent of lot  occupied by all structures in L-1  from 15% to 30%, and L-2 from 20% to 30%. All in Favor (3) (Ryan, Deitch, Brower).


MOTION made by  Barney Brower and 2nd by Nancy Deitch to recommend to the Town Board of Mayfield to change the Zoning Law of 2005 Section 402,A2: Any lot which is part of a subdivision in RE or AG zone  and where the lot will be a gift to a parent, son daughter or grandchild of  the owner of the lot may be reduced from the minimum lot size to a minimum of one acre with a minimum width of 150 feet, subject to review by the Planning Board.  All in favor (3) (Ryan, Brower, Deitch).


Chairman Ryan had  Emailed information for this weeks review to each Board member.  Walt asked each Board member to review a  23 item check list he complied on Home Occupation I and II.  A very lengthy discussion was held on Occupation I and II, and to be further discussed next meeting. 

The 2nd item for review is Commercial Zoning.  Chairman Ryan expressed the Board review three main Commercial Zones; Vail Mills, RT 349 and RT 30, and RT 30 in the Village of Mayfield.  The Town Maps were reviewed and a discussion was held.


Chairman Ryan explained that the next workshop meeting being held on February 6th, 2008 at 6:30PM would entail  Section 404 B, And C Accessory Buildings Height, and Location.

MOTION made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Nancy Deitch the workshop was adjourned at 9:00PM.  Notes respectfully take by the Clerk.