Town Of Mayfield

August 01, 2007: minutes


                                                                       Town of Mayfield

                                                                          Planning Board Special Meeting

                                                                          August 1, 2007


A special meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, was held  on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at the  Mayfield Municipal Complex located at 28 North School Street, Mayfield, New York at 7:00pm.



Present: John Vadney, Chairman

                    Barney Brower, Board Member

                    Marilyn Salvione, Board Member

                    Arthur Dahl, Board Member

                    Nancy Deitch, Board Member

                    Excused: Michelle Buckley, Planning Board Clerk


Others Present: Askew

                           Sprint Representative


Chairman Vadney called the meeting to order at 7:ooPM


The minutes of the regular Planning Board meeting of July 18, 2007 were not reviewed due to the board members not receiving same prior to this special meeting.  Minutes of the July 18, 2007 meeting will be reviewed, discussed and voted upon at the next  regular scheduled meeting of the planning board.


Chairman Vadney noted a change in the regularly scheduled planning board meeting should be considered due th Bannertown Fair opening  on the night of the planned meeting, August 15, 2007.  All in attendance agreed to change the next planning board regular meeting to August 14, 2007, at 7:00PM at the Mayfield Municipal offices.  Discussion was held and noted that any/all public hearing{s} scheduled for the 8/15/07 meeting must have the applicants notified of the change in meeting date.


Chairman Vadney  noted that among the business to come before the planning board at the 8/14/07 meeting will be Phase III of Progress Heights sub-division.


Chairman Vadney reported to the planning board members on correspondence sent to the Town Board of Mayfield in regards to mandatory training for all planning board members.  To date no response has been given to the planning board on the decision of the Town Board to provide a resolution to have mandatory training a requirement in the Town of Mayfield for, at the present time, planning board members.  It was noted by Chairman Vadney this requirement is a New York state law.  The Fulton County Planning Department will be providing training coursed on November 7, 2007 and November 28, 2007 to be held at the Fulton Montgomery Community College facility.


Chairman Vadney read the resolution to accept the Proposal  Alternative #3 of the New York state DOT on the Corridor Study of Route 30, to open it for discussion.  Lengthly discussion followed on various aspects of the submitted study, to include, but not limited to, the round-a-bout at the intersection{s} of  Rtes 29 and 30: the land use area and the effect of vacant parcels falling into a new category for zoning ordinances; possible back -up of traffic at the blinking light at Rte 155 and Rte 30, north.  It as also discussed and noted that a commission is th be formed with the representation from the town of Mayfield  {1} to discuss the aspects of the submitted corridor study and any zoning ordinance changes within the Town.  The town Board will be responsible to appoint a member to this commission.


A. Dahl modified the resolution of Chairman Vadney's to note any zoning changes via new ordinances should be studied for the impact on the Town involved.  The resolution will be available to the board members and voted upon at the next regular scheduled planning board meeting to be held 8/14/07.


Chairman Vadney proceed to open discussion on possible zoning law changes.  It was referenced by Chairman Vadney, per Michael Stewart, Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Mayfield, with the regard to suggested charges he {Stewart} has suggested.  {1} Residential/building requirements and permits, 144 s/f buildings.  Planning board suggestion: code enforcement decision, not planning board.  {2} Definition of farm area  and related uses within the code to farmlands as well as other zoned areas. i.e, chicken coops, vegetable farming, etc.  Planning board suggestion: The planning board is not eh vehicle to define the use of "farming" and or "hobby farming".  Suggest common sense should prevail, as zoning laws cannot possibly be framed for "every" situation within the Town.


A suggestion from the planning board th be submitted to the Town Board for a zoning law change is in reference to 402.A2.  Change to read lot size of 1 acre with minimum of 150' road frontage.  Maintain/inclusion of gift to sonn/daughter.  Applicable to RE or AGR zoned areas.


Chairman vadney is to re-draft response for discussion and vote on the 8/14/07 meeting of the planning board.


Chairman Vadney explained the :short" for he drafted to be used by an applicant submitting requests to the Planning Board.  Five. {5} questions will be asked at application to try and determine if the Planning Board needs to review the proposal.  I.e., exempt; grandfathered; Boundary line adjustment {s},  etc.  Suggestion by A. Dahl to include comment line for: "Will compliance and Land use be met" per zoning regulations, within the questionnaire.  Chairman Vadney to re-draft this questionnaire for meeting of  8/14/07.


Chairman Vadney noted a fee is presently charged for all applications submitted.  All members agreed that there should be no fee unless a site plan or subdivision review is actually required by the planning board.  Final vote on this matter to be on 8/14/07.




Mr. Askew who has a proposal to the Planning Board was informed no formal action would take place at the meeting on his proposal for a used car lot/sales on Route 30.  Comments from Mr. Askew were other business' are presently in the area of his proposed business.  Noted to Mr. Askew that is location is residential and others ar commercial or grand fathered use is in place.  Mr. Askew after lengthly  discussion requested input on a "briefcase" operation for his used car lot/business.  He referenced no vehicles would be on site.  No Signs, which must, under zoning, conform to zoning  in an R-1 area {presently no signage allowed in R-1} etc.  It was also noted to Mr. Askew that he purchase property within the R-1 zone for his intended use as commercial.. A suggestion was made to him that he request for a use variance to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Mr. Askew's proposal will be discussed and finalized at the 8/14/07 meeting of the planning board.


Sprint tower proposal was discussed with no action at this meeting.  Submission were given as "color" submissions in reference to this proposal.


In other matter to come before this special meeting,  Home Occupation II was brought

To the floor for discussion .  Lenghtly  discussion of the primary consideration as stated in the definition of HO II as well as the comprehensive plan  for the Town of Mayfield.  Chairman Vadney noted the comprehensive plan clearly indicates the planning board has to follow items of interest to include the scenic beauty of the area;new business in the residential zones;development of the hrghway corridor as the entrance to the Town; common sense prevails; homogeneous land use to prevent loss in property values to adjacent/adjoining property owner; land use regulations should be based on impact versus actual business; visibility of the Route 30 and Rte 30-A corridor should be planned the enhance the gateway area.  Further discussion to be held at the 8/14/07 meeting.  The Town Board will be notified of our suggestion {s} on redefining  Home Occ II within the zoning ordinances as part of our annual zoning  ordinances as part of our annual zoning law proposals/changes.



Amotion to adjourn was made at 9:20PM


Repectfully submitted


Marilyn j. Salvione, Board Member