Town Of Mayfield

May 16, 2007: minutes




May 16, 2007




A regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, was held on Wednesday, May16, 2007 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 North School Street at 7:00pm




John Vadney, Chairman

Arthur Dahl, Board Member

Barney Brower, Board Member

Nancy Deitch, Board Member

Marilyn Salvione, Board Member



OTHERS PRESENT:  Mark Murphy, Charles Landers, Clay Sitterly, Greg Deitch, Mario Greco, Erwin Voss, Brain Hanaburgh


Chairman John Vadney called the meeting to order at 7:00pm


 APPROVAL OF MINUTES-A motion was made By Dahl, and 2nd By Barney Brower, to accept Minutes of March 21, 2007 meeting. (5) AYES (0) NAYS


DOT has indicated concerns on the number of driveways. Dimark will get a letter of approval from DOT.

Motion to approve the SEQR by Dahl 2nd Deitch, No adverse effect will result, as the property was previously used for commercial purposes. Additional changes to the property are minimal. (5)AYES (0) NAYS



Motion by Salvione 2nd by Deitch to open Public Hearing on DIMARKSBL# 104-01-23 at 7:30 pm

(5) AYES (0) NAYS



Motion by Dahl 2nd by Salvione to Accept proposal under the DDa (5) AYES (0) NAYS

Motion by Dahl, 2nd by Deitch to act as a lead agency for SEQR form, All accepted (5) AYES (0) NAYS

Motion by Dahl, 2nd Brower to hold public hearing June 20, 2007 at 7:30pm.All in favor (5) AYES (0) NAYS


Dickson -no show


Motion by Deitch 2nd Brower proposal was judged to be a boundary line adjustment, not a subdivision and therefore no action is required by the planning board. (5) AYES (0) NAYS


Motion by Dahl 2nd by Brower, to determine proposed action to be a minor subdivision, (5) AYES (0) NAYS

Motion by Dahl 2nd by Deitch, to hold a Public Hearing on June 20, 2007 at 7:45pm provided competed survey by June 11, 2007. (5) AYES (0) NAYS


Motion by Deitch 2nd Brower to close Public Hearing at 7:45pm (5) AYES (0) NAYS

Motion by Brower 2nd Deitch to APPROVE SITE PLAN DIMARK SBL#104-01-23 Since no negative public comments were received the motion was passed, subject to the receipt of a letter of approval from DOT regarding the total number of driveways.

 (5) AYES (0) ANYES


Motion by Dahl, 2nd by Brower, for ratification of required changes September 8, 1999, for Progress Heights phase 2, based on corresponce received on May 7, 2007 from the NYS Department of Health. All in favor (5) AYES (0) NAYS





Clayton Sitterly discussed with planning board a proposal for a project at the intersection  STHWY 29 and Bellen road, a concern for possible re-zoning was expressed. The possibly of the subdivision by the present property owners was suggested.


Motion by Brower 2nd Salvione to adjourn meeting at 9:18pm   (5) AYES (0) NAYS 


Next meeting will be held on June 20, 2007 at 7:00 pm



Respectfully Submitted:


Michelle Buckley, Planning Board Clerk