Town Of Mayfield

November 21, 2007: minutes


Town of Mayfield

Planning Board  Meeting

November 21, 2007



A regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board was held at the Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 7:00PM November 21, 2007..



Present : John Vadney, Chairman of the Planning Board,  Board members; Barney Brower, and Art Dahl.  Notes taken by Planning Board Clerk; Cheryl Gifford.


Absent: Marilyn Salvione, and Nancy Deitch.


At 7:00PM John Vadney opened the informal meeting and welcomed all present.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion made by Art Dahl  and 2nd by Barney Brower  to accept the regular October 17, 2007 minutes as written by the Clerk.  All in favor (3).


Motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Art Dahl to accept the special meeting October 22, 2007 minutes as written by the clerk  with amending  Barney Brower's statement as: (Barney Brower noted he'd like to amend survey requests to drawn sketches.) to Barney Brower noted  he would like to see required surveys waived to a sketch drawing on a case to case basis.  All in favor (3).


CHAIRMAN'S  REPORT: John Vadney noted the 2nd training session at FMCC is to be held next Wednesday November 28, 2007.

                                              John discussed with the Board a letter received by Roger Barnowski.  Mr. Barnowski is looking to get his property area rezoned.  Currently the area is zoned R-1.  Art Dahl  mentioned that the Town Board turned down a similar proposal last year.

                                              John acknowledged a letter from the APA on the Clifford Gridley 4 lot subdivision.  APA had the subdivision as the original 5 lots.  Clifford Gridley Jr. in attendance at this meeting stated that on December 3rd a Biologist from APA will be taking deep hole soil samples and setting flags for wetlands.  John Vadney gave Cliff Jr. supplement Gift Exemption of the APA regulations.

                                              Art Dahl read a letter from the APA acknowledging  receipt  of an application for a Subdivision for  Joann Tymchyn.  Art knows the Applicant and will contact Joann to tell her she needs to apply for a 2Lot Subdivision with the Planning Board of The Town of Mayfield.


PUBLIC HEARING:  Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower; Crystal Daniels-Site Plan  Public Hearing was opened at 7:15PM.

Art Dahl stated that in 2006 the Zoning law of 2005 was  stated: (Non-commercial uses in the C-1 District shall be subject to a minimum front yard distance (road side) of 75 Feet.)  Crystal Daniels site plan has the pole barn in line with the house  at 45 foot from the road.  Art stated that Crystal could either set the pole barn back to 75 feet, or leave it at 45 feet and get a variance from the Zoning Board Of Appeals.  Art Noted that maybe the Zoning Board of Appeals could waive the Public Hearing needed as one had already transpired with the Planning Board.  Chairman Vadney will email a letter to the Planning Board clerk to give to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

MOTION made by art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower to close the Public Hearing on Crystal Daniels Site Plan.  All in favor (3).


Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower  to Approve Site Plan for Crystal Daniels subject to a variance approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals for a 45 feet set back on the pole barn.  All in favor (3).


SEQR-Site Plan Crystal Daniels

Short form filled out by applicant and reviewed by Planning Board as read by Chairman Vadney.  Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower  no adverse environmental effects of a construction of a pole barn on Crystal Daniels property.  All in favor (3).   


PUBLIC HEARING: Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower the Public Hearing for Bradley Reed's Subdivision was opened at 7:35PM.


SEQR on Bradley Reed's Subdivision: Chairman Vadney read and filled out the Short From SEQR.  Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower based on the fact that Reed's small Subdivision involves eventual construction of one dwelling the environmental impact would be minimal. SEQR Approved All in favor (3).


Chairman Vadney expressed that Bradley Reed produced a survey map with all the requirements asked of the Planning Board.




Clifford Gridley: 4 lot Subdivision.  Art Dahl stated for the purpose of the environmental review the Planning Board would act as the Lead Agency.  The involvement with the other agencies such as DEC, And the APA would require a response time of 30 days for review.  Mr. Gridley Jr. stated that a Biologist and Soil Engineer from APA were going to do deep hole test pits to evaluate the soil on December 3rd.  Art Dahl  stated that if the Planning Board heard from all agencies by December 10, 2007 the Planning Board at their December 19th meeting, would set a Public Hearing for Januarys meeting.  Due to the changes from 5 to 4 lots a new full assessment form would need to be filled out .


Motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Art Dahl the Bradley Reed Public Hearing was closed at 7:50pm.  All in favor (3).


Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower the 2 lot Subdivision for Bradley Reed located at 172 Bellen Rd., Mayfield NY was approved.  All in favor (3).





Evelyn Hayes/Jessica and William Capobiance: 2 Lot Subdivision located at 578 CO HWY 123, Mayfield, NY SBL# 58.-2-1. A sketch Plan and  Application was filed with the Planning Board Clerk in August 2007.  The applicant expressed that communication gaps between the Planning Board and themselves prevented them from attending previous meetings.  A short form  was given to applicant to be filled out for next meeting.  Mr. Capobianco was given a copy of the APA's  gift exemption letter.  Evelyn Hayes is the Capobianco's grandmother.  She is gifting them a 1.4 acre with a 300 foot road frontage.  The Property is located in RE Zoning.  RE Zoning lot size requires a minimum of 3 acres. Zoning law section 402 A-2 requires any lot subdivision in RE or AG  zone and where the lot will be a gift to a son or daughter may be reduced to a minimum of 1 acre., subject to review by the Planning Board.

Motion made by Art Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower based on the information provided the Planning Board has determined the 2 lot subdivision to be a minor subdivision.  All in favor (3).  Planning Board  stated that if they receive the survey, any APA approvals, and filled out Short Form, the Planning Board at their next meeting would propose to be the Lead Agency.


Ronald Shelmerdine: 27 Lot Subdivision located Vlaine Rd. (Vandenburg Pt. Rd.) Mayfield NY SBL# 120-2-42.11 & 50 53. 282 total acreage to subdivide into 27 lots.  Mr Shelmerdine present at meeting to revisit original application.  Mr. Shelmerdine explained the 3 plans as options for his project.  After initial review of the plan the Planning Board was most receptive to plan (2).  The Planning Board expressed that they frown of shared driveways and would avoid a plan with shared driveways.  Chairman Vadney noted to Shelmerdine to contact the APA and the Health Dept.  The Health Dept. must approve any 4 Lots or more Subdivision.  Chairman Vadney expressed  that Mr. Shelmerdine look into Cluster Development.


Motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Art dahl to close the meeting.  All in favor (3).


Next months meeting scheduled for December 19, 2007


Notes taken by Clerk-Cheryl Gifford