Town Of Mayfield

February 15, 2006: Minutes


February 15, 2006


At a regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, held on Wednesday February 15, 2006 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 7:00 pm there were



Arthur Dahl, Chairman

John Vadney, Board Member

Nancy Deitch, Board Member


EXCUSED: Marilyn Salvione, Board Member, Robert Cooper, Board Member


OTHERS PRESENT Gavin Vuillaume: Environmental design consultant for Dunkin’ Donuts, Artie Thompkins Environmental design Wetland Scientists, Joe Garcia Owner/Operator Dunkin’ Donuts, Pat Emrick, Mayfield Village Mayor Gregg Deitch. Kathy Canary Planning Board clerk


Chairman Arthur Dahl called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


John Vadney moved that Cindy Ostrander be commended for her past work with the Planning Board, Town of Mayfield and best wishes sent by all for her success in her new position, Arthur Dahl seconded. All in favor CARRIED 3(three) AYES 0(zero) NAYS


APPROVAL OF MINUTES-A motion was made by John Vadney and seconded by Nancy Deitch to approve the minutes of January 11, 2006 as submitted CARRIED3 (three) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.




Gavin Vuillaume submitted site plan review application for Dunkin’ Donuts with drive thru. The store will be located on Rt 30 , Town of Mayfield, near intersection of Rt 30 and Rt 29.  Mr. Vuillaume discussed the plans with the board.  The board was given a breakdown of the site plan.  The areas addressed were 1. Site layout  2. Sediment and erosion control plan  3. Wetland disturbance map  4. Septic system with copy of said plan sent to State Department of Health  5. Building design.  The board received a copy of the permit from DEC re: Disturbance of protected Wetlands.  The board to review Town Building Sign Ordinance per applicant suggesting second building sign.



Nancy Deitch moved, John Vadney seconded that we schedule a Public Hearing.  Public Hearing scheduled for March 15, 2006 at 7:30 pm, with the SEQR review to be done ˝ hour prior to Public Hearing.  Nancy Deitch made motion John Vadney seconded All in favor CARRIED 3(three) AYES(0) NAYS  Arthur Dahl suggests that notices be sent to the adjacent property owners as a courtesy, informing them of the Public Hearing.  Planning Board to take care of this matter.  Planning Board will refer the project to County Planning Board, per State of New York regulations for review and comment.




February 15, 2006


Pat Emrick discussed his plans for a proposed subdivision on property Tax Parcel Number 88-1-16 making 5 (five) lots.  Mr. Emrick presented copy of the tax map number 88-1-16, which shows 5 (five) lots.



Arthur Dahl suggests making 4 (four) lots and leaving the 5th (fifth) as an open field.  Mr. Dahl explained subdivision regulations being that by dividing one parcel of land into four or less with each being 150’wide minimum with 150’ frontage on a maintained road is exempt under the subdivision regulations.


Nancy Deitch moved, seconded by Arthur Dahl that the project as modified is exempt from subdivision review under APPENDEX A PARAGHAPH DD of the Town of Mayfield Subdivision Regulations provided applicant provides a survey by February 15, 2007 confirming dimensions substantially as shown in the sketch plan the Planning Board will confirm this determination.



Next meeting will be held March 15, 2006


On motion by John Vadney, seconded by Nancy Deitch the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm



Respectfully Submitted,



Kathy Canary, Planning Board Clerk