Town Of Mayfield

May 03, 2007: minutes


A regular meeting of the Mayfield Town Board was held on Thursday, May 3, 3007 at the Municipal Complex 28 North School Street. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Supervisor McLain.



Alan McLain, Supervisor

Rick Argotsinger, Councilman

Jack Putman, Councilman

Walter Ryan, Councilman

Kathy Sieg, Councilwoman


OTHERS PRESENT: Melvyn Dopp, Myrna Hallenbeck, Jay Garrigan, Betty Tabor Historian, Laurie Ann Lewis, Kathi Hillock Assessor, Al Schultz, Bruce Van Gendren



Myrna Hallenbeck questioned on the dates for the spring clean up program.

Betty Tabor Historian reported on her attendance at a recent conference and returned monies she was given for expenses that were not used in the amount of $65.18 cash.


Al Schutz and Bruce Van Genderen of the Gloversville Transit System made a presentation regarding adding more routes thru the town of Mayfield beginning in 2008, and proposed a 3 to 5 year contract of $5000.00 annually with a cost of living increase each year. After several minutes of discussion and questions by board members, the board told them they would consider the proposal and get back to them in the near future.


Supervisor McLain introduced the "Social Host Law" and after some discussion, it was decided to start the process to make it a local law.



On motion by Councilman Ryan and seconded by Councilman Putman the following resolution was ADOPTED 5 AYES (McLain, Argotsinger, Putman, Ryan, Sieg) 0 NAYS

RESOLVED that the Mayfield Town Board approves to start the process of adopting the social host law for the Town of Mayfield.


LAKESIDE DRIVE WATER DISTRICT REVIEW- Councilman Ryan reported that only 4 residents have returned their surveys therefore it was tabled until the next meeting.


GLOVERSVILLE WATER DEPT. - Councilman Argotsinger reported on the recent meeting and it was decided to invite the Gloversville Water Department to our June 7th meeting.


WATER & SEWER DISTRICT- A discussion was held on the water & sewer district meeting that was held recently with Jim Mraz in attendance.


ANNUAL ACCOUNTING OF RECORDS- A discussion was held on this and it was decided to meet at 6 PM on June 7 & 21 to do these.



On motion by Councilwoman Sieg and seconded by Councilman Argotsinger the following resolution was ADOPTED 5 AYES (McLain, Argotsinger, Putman, Ryan, Sieg) 0 NAYS

RESOLVED that the Mayfield Town Board approves to authorize the Supervisor to sign an intermunicipal agreement regarding the Board of Assessment contingent upon approval by the Town Attorney.


Councilman Putman questioned changing the date of grievance day due to the assessor working for two towns. Assessor Kathi Hillock reported that is was up to the Board of Assessment to approach the town board to do this.



Councilman Argotsinger and Putman met with Tom Ruliffson Highway Superintendent regarding the Dennie Loop Bridge. Councilman Argotsinger stated the highway employees have done a good job repairing the bridge. A discussion followed on what the town should do to finish repairing the wing wall. It was the recommendation of the board to get an engineer to give recommendations on this.


PRIDDLE POINT CULVERT- A discussion was held on the ditch that needs digging out on Priddle Point Road. Councilman Ryan recommended having Attorney Greco draw up an easement.


Tom Ruliffson Highway Superintendent reported that the woods mower was delivered on Monday and the new plow truck should be delivered on Friday.

Tom questioned if the town had in place a policy on replacing culverts in driveways.


ASSESSOR REPORT- Assessor Kathi Hillock reported that she and Supervisor McLain downloaded the tentative assessment roll to the website, as well as new features so people can access more information on every property in the town.  She also submitted her monthly report. A small discussion was held on her report and she was directed to seek an attorney who specializes in assessments for one case in particular and report back.


Supervisor McLain reported that several people have complained about the potholes at the entrance to the postoffice. A small discussion followed with the board deciding to direct the town highway department to fix them on Friday.


Supervisor McLain thanked Tom and the highway employees who helped move the assessor's items that were upstairs.

It was reported that Bushnell Road would be paved next week.


Councilman Ryan reported that the Hudson River Black River Regulating District advisory committee held there last meeting this week.

Supervisor McLain thanked Councilman Ryan for attending the meetings, which there were many of, and long.



Betty Tabor Historian reminded the board that the Easter Egg Hunt would be held on Sunday, May 6th at 1PM at the Rice Homestead.


On motion by Councilman Ryan and seconded by Councilwoman Sieg the meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM 5 AYES (McLain, Argotsinger, Putman, Ryan, Sieg) 0 NAYS


Respectfully Submitted:



Dorothy Hart, Town Clerk