Town Of Mayfield

Snow Plow Safety

Highway Department

Mel Dopp

PO Box 308, 75 North Main Street
Town Barn
Mayfield, NY 12117
Effective March 14, 2014 all Town roads are posted at a maximum of 5 ton weight limit for all vehicles.
Maintains the roads and roadside in the Town. The sanitation department collects the garbage on a weekly basis. Residents are reminded to have their garbage at roadside by 6:00 am, in clear bags.
Hours of Operation:
M-F 7:00 am-3:30 pm
Snow Plow Safety
School St Bridge 11-10-10
School St Bridge 10-13-10
School St Bridge 8-30-10
School St Bridge 8-23-10
School St Bridge 8-22-10
School St Bridge 8-3-10
School St Bridge 8-3-10
Underside of School St Bridge
School Street Bridge Progress
School Street Bridge Under Structure
2009 International Plow Truck
Beech St. Culvert-1
Beech St. Culvert-2
Beech St. Culvert-3
Beech St. Culvert-4
Beech St. Culvert-5
Beech St. Culvert-6
Beech St. Culvert-7
Beech St. Culvert-8
Beech St. Culvert-9
Beech St. Culvert-10
Beech St. Culvert-11
Town Highway Department
Town Highway Department