Town Of Mayfield

Transfer Station - Beach Permit Email Version

Please fill in the requested fields and submit. Upon completion you will recieve an email with the submitted information printed on the permit application form. Please mail a check for the required amount, made payable to the Town of Mayfield, to: Town of Mayfield, PO Box 308, Mayfield, NY 12117. Your permit will be mailed to you upon receipt of your payment.



Transfer Station Only - $15.00 each vehicle
Beach & Transfer Station - $40.00 each vehicle
Beach Only -$25.00

Transfer Station Only - $15.00
Beach & Transfer Station - $40.00


State of New York County of Fulton SS : Town of Mayfield

By checking the yes box below I swear that I am the owner of the vehicle described above. I herby make application to the Town of

Mayfield for use of the Gloversville Transfer Station (for RESIDENTIAL WASTE ONLY) and/or the Mayfield Town

Beach. I understand that no commercial waste is to deposited at said Transfer Station. If commercial waste is deposited

at said site by me or via the above vehicle, l am subject to revocation of dumping privileges at said station as well as any

any other penalties provided by law or local ordinance. I agree to abide by the rules of the transfer station and/or the Town

Beach, also understanding that the sticker is the sole property of the Town of Mayfield and shall be surrendered immediately upon request of any Town of Mayfield employee or Fulton County Solid Waste department employee.

  Yes       No