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Board of Assessment Review

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This Board meets once a year on the first Wednesday after the fourth Tuesday in May (Grievance Day). The board of review consists of five residents of the town who are appointed by the town board. The main function of the board is to hear any taxpayer who files a formal complaint disputing their assessment. Applications and information are available at the assessor's office. After Grievance Day the board reviews each application and makes a determination by majority vote. This notice of determination is mailed to all applicants and the board's decision is entered upon the assessment role.
James Cownie
Term: Expires 9/30/2019
Barrie Hampton
Term: Expires 9/30/2022
Martin Piseczny
Term: Expires 9/30/2020
Adrien Zambella
Term: Expires 9/30/2021
Kevin Putman
Term: Expires 9/30/2018